Stan Seibert's Homepage

I am an experimental particle physicist working at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in the study of neutrinos and dark matter. My particular interests include particle astrophysics, scientific computing, high performance computing with Python, GPU programming, and Monte Carlo simulation.


I'm involved in several physics experiments:

An experiment searching for dark matter with liquid argon. Under construction right now!
A future experiment to study the properties of neutrinos using a neutrino beam from Chicago to Lead, SD.
An experiment to study neutrinos from the Sun and test whether neutrinos are their own antiparticles.

Open Source

I am a core (or the only) developer on a few open source projects:

Shrinkwrap provides tools to create lightweight Python package wrappers around non-Python software, and to compile and install such software using virtualenv and pip.
A Python ctypes wrapper around the libspnav C library, which allows you to read events from a Space Navigator 3D mouse on Linux systems.
A GPU-accelerated, high performance optical photon simulation for particle physics detectors. It tracks individual photons passing through a triangle-mesh detector geometry, simulating standard physics processes like diffuse and specular reflections, refraction, Rayleigh scattering and absorption. Is about 200x faster than GEANT4 at photon propagation.
You can check out my GitHub or Bitbucket profile pages for other projects I contribute to.


In my spare time, I enjoy tinkering with 3D printing using my modified MakerBot Cupcake. I have posted a few designs to Thingiverse.